A HUGE Thank You

Thank you so much to all the people who have sent layouts for Alicia’s album! Alicia absolutely LOVES it!! I have been told that there are other layouts on the way still, which is great. Alicia and I will be posting lots of stuff to each other over the next couple of years, so I can keep sending any layouts I didn’t get to put into the album.

As promised, here is a slide of the wonderful layouts received. There are a couple missing, but I hope to get pics of them soon, so I can add them here. (Please note: A few of the layouts were completed by Mia (5) and Chris (4).)

xx S.

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  • jilly - Wow – that looks just stunning Sara – Alicia must have cried her eyes out!

  • Sharyn - Awesome Sara…does that mean I can still send a layout for her…time has been my enemy of late but now that I am not working I would love to add one.
    The layouts look great.

  • Jen - What a lovely idea Sara! They all look fantastic, and Alicia must have been stoked!


    (AKA Jendo – one of the Jen’s LOL!)

  • Leone - Wow Sara, they look fantastic! I loved doing the page for her. Hope she enjoys looking at the album.

  • Angela - I gave mine to her directly…sorry I was late with it! The slide does look good!
    Hope you are OK…

  • Carole Janson - What a lovely idea Sara, Alicia, is going to love it, looks awesome.

  • Scrapmanda - A HUGE thank you to you too Sara for putting the album together for us all – so Alicia would have a little bit of us with her! Hope you’re doing okay! The LO’s all look fab ladies!

  • Jen - The layouts look wonderful Sara. I am sure that this will be a fantastic memento for her