The Sassi Experience

The Sassi Experience

Every client reveals a new experience at Sassi Photography!  You are each so different and unique and we love uncovering who you are and having you shine for the artwork we’ll create together!

What to expect and how to plan for your photography sessions:

Newborn ~ Studio

Newborns are best photographed within the first 7-10 days of life.  The younger the better.  Our studio is warm and comfortable.  You will be seated in the same room as we cuddle, settle and photograph your baby.  We are skilled at settling and, honestly, it is a good break for you to not worry about your baby for a couple of hours.  We have a lot of parents drift to sleep on the couch – especially fathers!  Baby is best dressed in loose, comfortable clothing and we will get you to feed them when you arrive to get the as settled as possible.

Babies wee, poo, pass wind, vomit, cry, squirm and have periods of wakefulness.  We are professional and completely used to this.  In fact, I have only had one newborn session I haven’t been weed or pooed on.  One session, the baby pooed 17 times!!  We are fine with this – no need to apologise.  We are just so in love with newborns and used to this part of our job it honestly doesn’t phase us.

Relax.  You and your baby will be in good hands.  Newborn Studio sessions take up to four hours.

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Newborn ~ Lifestyle

If you haven’t been able to get to our studio in your newborn’s first week or if studio photography isn’t your style, that’s okay!  Sassi Photography have a Lifestyle Newborn option.  We come to you!  You can snuggle with your baby, feed, settle and put into their cot, bath them or anything else you do in your day-to-day new life with your baby and we will photograph you in your natural environment.  Lifestyle Newborn sessions take between two and four hours.

Portable studio setup optional, but preferable within the first 10 days of baby’s life.

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Be relaxed and be yourself.  The hardest part of a family session is getting Mum (and occasionally Dad) to relax and just let the kids be kids.  It can take them a little while to settle into a photography session and we are used to that.  We like to just hang out with them first then warm them into having their photograph taken.  Whether they are gigglingly happy or crankily tantrumming, we have seen it all and will get great photos if the adults stay relaxed.

It’s best to photograph children in comfortable clothes.  If the clothes are tight, unusual, itchy or stifling children tend to misbehave.  Fun, light clothing is preferable.  We LOVE bright, mixed colours.  The best way to make sure your outfits are going to match and not clash in a photograph is to lay them all out together on a bed before giving them to the family to put on.  It’s best to have a second option available too, just in case we notice something you don’t or someone has an accident.

Sassi Photography has a very limited number of Family sessions a year and they take around two hours, in your home or on-location.

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High School Seniors

Model Student is Sassi Photography’s sister brand, specialising in High School Seniors.  It’s such a fabulous time of a teenager’s life – the empowerment of finishing the final years of school and becoming an adult.  You know yourself how wonderful it is to look back on photographs of yourself in your teens and early twenties.  We want to capture that magic and help build confidence in these school-leavers.

Visit the website for more information.

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We LOVE weddings.

For more information about weddings, we recommend you visit our dedicated wedding site –

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