AIPP On The Lounge

Last night’s On The Lounge at the Sassi Photography studio was fabulous.  Thank you to so many people for coming along to my Happy Place!  I was amazed to meet people from Stanthorpe and Coffs Harbour who made the trek to listen to me, plus all the others who came from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture and locally.

I talk incredibly fast and had so much more I could have said and elaborated on.  We’ll leave that for another night.  The event sold out really quickly and there was a waiting list, so I’m sure they’ll be another chance to go over the things I talked about.

For a roomful of photographers, there were very few photos taken.  Here are a handful Mel Mielekamp and I took.

Thank you to Mel, who was there before I was to help set up and stayed way after everyone left, helping tidy up and generally having a good laugh with me.  Mel brought her popcorn machine (last photo on the bottom, right) and the studio filled with that yummy, freshly popped corn smell.  Mmmm.

Liddell and Rana also brought their new little men – they are both so gorgeous!

Thank you also to Jan, Mel and Jannick from the AIPP, who came to give me a hand and support the evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think we surprised a few people!

xx S.

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