Amazed and, well, Blown Away!

I don’t often say much about my kids, other than they are lovely or doing well, but I just have to share my astonishment at my little Nicholas!  Nick is five and started Prep last week.  He is quite clever and likes to try to keep up with his 7yo brother and 8yo sister.

When Nick was four, he taught himself to read.

Let me be clear here…  he honestly taught himself.  He asked questions when he wasn’t sure and he must have just watched and listened lots.  He had no coaching, in fact, I have bearly even read to him for a couple of years!  John reads the kids one chosen story a night and that’s it.

Last year he was ‘caught’ reading a kindy book to a friend – the teachers both jumped on me that afternoon, “Nick can read!”  I know, but I just don’t shout it out.  When he turned five I found he was reading himself Dr Suess each day.  On his first day at Prep he read a book to the class!!  (He told the teacher he’d read it and she asked if he’d like to read it out – I guess she was expecting him to paraphrase from when the teacher read it earlier.  Apparently she was blown away too.)  **I wasn’t there, so this is just what I was told.

This afternoon Nick was sent to bed for crying too much.  I came to check on him and this is what I found…

Nicholas reading Chris’ chapter book.  A book Chris was given in Yr2.  Not only was he reading it (and proud he’d read more than Chris), when I asked him some questions, he actually seemed to be comprehending it!

I can’t explain the completely blown away feeling I had from this!  He must have just very quietly worked so hard to be able to do this.  I’m so proud of my middle baby!!

Oh, and he knows his times tables a bit too…  apparently he’s been reading them whilst on the toilet.  We put them on the back of the door to encourage Amelia to learn them.  Shame she hasn’t taken a leaf out of his book.  *laughs*

Thanks for reading my little brag.  I just had to share, as I’m so proud and amazed.
xx S.

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