…..And Things Just Keep Getting Better….

I have had a yukky yukky day. Today has been the day I lost my hard drive on my computer. I am sad. Yes, I lost everything. I hadn’t backed up since December 2005 – what is wrong with me??? I have lost my accounts, my files, my layout images…. but most importantly, my photos. I have lost nearly 4000 photos – some of which were from a wedding, a baptism and a new born baby.

I have also lost my email address book, so I can’t email anyone at present. If I have emailed you before, please email me so I can add your address back into my address book. My Favourites list is also gone, so it might take me a while to work out all the blogs I regularly visit. Please leave a comment here with your blog address, so I can find you again! YES, YOU!!

I have now bought an external hard drive and will be backing up weekly – without fail!!!

xx S.

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  • Sarah - Oh my goodness!!!!! I am going to back up my photos RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! It’s only when you lose it all that you start backing up regularly even though you have known all a long it is a job you should do. Wow, I can imagine how you are feeling.

    Hope you’re day gets better 🙂


  • Sara - Oh Sara, your poor poor thing. I only just got this laptop but I will definitely be backing up everything regularly.

    Hope that things get better for you soon.

  • Alicia - Glad to see you are back online.

  • Vonnie - *hug* honey! That bloody sucks!!! PS. Just backed up the work computer! Been a while since I’d done one too!! Whoops!

  • Jasmine - Oh Sara – that’s just awful!!! Have you emailed any pics to family and friends – if you have, hopefully they still have them and you’ll be able to at least get some of them back. I bet you’ve been beside yourself 🙁

  • lusi - Sorry to read that Sara! Hope other people who may have taken photos of you or were at things were have been at will email you copies of photos. :0(
    Lusi x