Another Weekend?

Phew, I’m only just getting over LAST weekend and another one is here already!! Tonight is the Scrapbook City Cyber Crop, starting at 6.30pm – hosted by ME! It should be fun.

So, last weekend? Well, I flew to Sydney to surprise my gorgeous cousin, Allyson. Allyson and her (now) fiance, Paul, became engaged last Wednesday night and the housewarming Allyson had been organising (for last weekend) was actually a bit of an engagement announcement/party! So Paul and I have been, very quietly, chatting to each other for a number of weeks now. I love being in on surprises and, being so hard to surprise myself, I really wanted to surprise Allyson (who is almost as hard to surprise as I am…. or so I had thought).

Paul and his gorgeous boy, Fabian, picked me up from the airport after telling Ally that they were going to have a game of footy in the park. (Which park? ….oh, you know…. that one over….. there… *pointing aimlessly*)

When we arrived back at the townhouse complex, they dropped me at the gate and I waited until I could hear they had gone in the house. I then rang Allyson on her mobile and started chatting pointlessly… I asked her what time guests were due to arrive, then knocked on the door. (Okay, and rung the bell a few times, because I was sure she had heard the door knock through the phone.)

When Ally opened the door, she was SOOO funny!!! She looked at me, looked at her phone, looked at me, then back to her phone again….. she was sort of pointing to both as if to say, “How did you get out of the phone and end up there…. ??” Then we had the biggest HUG and I thought she was crying… no… just still had that really BIG surprised look on her face!! THEN she had to sit down, so sort of crumpled onto her haunches!! It really was so funny!! GOTCHA ALS!!!!! I think it took about half an hour to calm us both down. She kept going through all the funny things that had happened over the past two weeks and putting it all together!

Needless to say, the weekend was wonderful!! The housewarming/engagement party was fun. I had other family there, who I was so happy to catch up with and I managed to drink a rather large amount of Sangria without getting too tipsy…. but enough to get alcohol poisoning over night!!! lol – only me, huh?

Sunday was spent out and about taking photos in a little family photo shoot. The photos are fantastic, but I don’t have permission to share any here. Maybe down the track I’ll get around to asking them if I can share.

I have planned a relatively quiet weekend this weekend. We have family in town next week and I have heaps of scrapping deadlines I am trying to meet, so I guess I will be busy…. in a quiet way!

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing!!
xx S.

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