APPA 2016

I want to take this time to congratulate our head photographer Sara McKenna!  Sara is currently away in Melbourne attending the AIPP APPA.  What is the APPA?  APPA stands for Australian Professional Photography Awards.  Every year photographers from all over Australia congregate in Melbourne where they enter four images to be judged by some of the moist amazingly talented photographers.  Every year Sara strives to better herself and her skills for her clients and entering these awards is one way she does this.  Over the weekend her four photographs were judged and she received some amazing feedback from the judges.

Two photographs that she entered were actually from two recent photographic sessions held in the studio here at East Brisbane.  One of them images was of Hayddon.  Thank you Tabitha for letting us enter this photograph into these awards and the other photograph was from Yuri’s Maternity session.

Hayddon’s photograph was rated in the “High Professional Practice” range.

Kate’s photograph won a Silver Award!




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