I have been missing in action lately, sorry. I guess I’m just busy like everyone else!

I’ve had sick children and been a little under the weather myself. Commitments elsewhere have stripped me of any spare seconds to catch my blog up. I’ve barely been scrapping and even more rarely taking photos.

The big wedding is tomorrow. The one that Amelia is flower girl for. She’s beside herself with excitement and met most of the bridal party last night at the rehearsal. They all think she is adorable.

I’ve managed to lose 9kg so far and am one third of the way to losing my goal of 27kg. I’ve been a little slack lately, but still tracking my eating, so haven’t slipped completely off the wagon.

Scrapbook City has been busy. There is a new competition going there at the moment, plus nominations for the huge awards night in November. All you have to do is be a contributing member on the boards and upload your new layouts (esp created for the comp) to the Competition sections in the gallery!

Better run. I’ll try to keep this thing more regular. Next post will have photos and/or layouts.
xx S.

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