Back on Track

Well, I am finally back on track with my health kick! Last year I lost 14kg, then, when my computer crashed in the middle of the year, got lazy (as I had to sit down for a few months rebuilding files) and got VERY slack with everything.

I have now put that 14 kg back on!! Grrr.

So I’ve joined the gym for a little while and am eating so much more healthily again. I started last Thursday and have since lost just over 2kg. Nice start. I have another 25kg – 30kg to go!! I can do it, though, if I keep my mind set on it. Hopefully I’ll have it off by Christmas.

I have a great incentive to then keep it off. My beautiful cousin Allyson has asked me to be her Matron of Honour for her wedding in September 2008. The venue is gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to it. Allyson was a bridesmaid at my wedding seven years ago.

In other wedding news, Amelia has been asked to be Flower Girl for John’s cousin’s wedding in May 2007. Laura is marrying Jimmy, then moving to LA with him. Then I’ll have a place to stay in NY & LA when I go to America!! (rofl – as if I’ll get back to the US in the next few years, anyway!! It’d be nice, though.) Amelia is so super excited about being Flower Girl and can’t wait to see her dress.
I’ll leave you with a photo of my three in the bath. They went a bit overboard with the bubble bath THEN turned the spa jets on!! BIG froth!! This pic was taken after it went down a bit. They had a ball and I let John sort it out, so I was happy too!!

Oh, yeah, I Photoshopped the bejeebies out of it!! I was just playing with some new brushes I had. 😉
xx S.

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