Chris’ First Day of School

The first week of February saw Christopher start school – full time Prep. He is so completely ready for full time school, but has a shy factor that I have had my concerns about. I am keen to see how he deals with school.

Nicholas thought we were having a costume theme, so doned his pirate scarf and came out for a photo shoot.

Mia was so proud of her little brother, she couldn’t wait to be going to school with him. Mia is in her normal school uniform (dress) for this shot.

Christopher only had half days for the first three days. I picked him up at 1pm, arrived back home by 1.10pm and took this photo at 1.15pm!!

He was exhausted! He doesn’t usually sleep in the day. I love this photo as I don’t often get a sleeping shot of Christopher!

Thanks for checking in with us!
xx S.

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