Coffs Harbour

I have been so slack with the promised photos of our trip, so I have decided to just start showing a few photos when I can.

After leaving Brisbane late on the Sunday afternoon, we drove to Coffs Harbour to stay over night. It was a good decision, as Mia, Chris and Nick were weary of being in the car.

Early on Monday morning, I went down to the beach to catch the sunrise – something I like to try to do each time we go away. It was a beautiful morning. The wind was freezing, yet there were people everywhere walking their dogs on the beach. A crazy set of seniors (as in elderly, not schoolies) even went for a swim!

I must have a friendly look, as a lot of people struck up conversation with me. This puppy is Luke, owned by an elderly man, John. Luke couldn’t wait to run off to meet his poodle girl-friend. So cute.

Neil the Rose Man lives in his van and travels around raising money for the paralympics. He collects roses and sells them to raise funds. He was very chatty and interesting. His van was fully equiped with all sorts of mod-cons, including electricity that he powers from the solar heating panels he built on the other side of the van.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to walk to the end of this jetty. It was very pretty, though.

…and the typical train track shot. That’s Coffs Harbour railway station in the distance. A train was due, but didn’t come along while I waited, so I kept going. We spent the rest of the Monday driving to Canberra, arriving at about 8pm.

Next installment coming soon!!
xx S.

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