End of Fin Year

Not much has been going on worth telling in the past few days. End of financial year has been extremely busy trying to even out my business accounts and round off John’s business accounts. I have weeks of work ahead of me still, trying to redo the past six months of my accounts. I just have to get in and do them!

John’s accounts are looking great!! The business is going very well and definitely has a future in it, which is positive. We are hoping to celebrate a successful financial year on Sunday – not sure what doing, but something nice.

I’m off to a crop at Scrapbook City tonight, with some ladies from Scrapbooking Memories’ forums. I’m really looking forward to getting a lot done and will be cranky if I end up staring at my unfinished work!! My aim is to complete my last twelve layouts so I can have a shop – LOL – don’t like my chances. I am taking seven nearly finished layouts with me, so I might be lucky!

Have a great weekend.
xx S.

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