Feels a Lilley Bit Like Christmas

I’m loving the preparations for Christmas. The kids are generally in good cheer and we are having fun with them all home from school ~ Nicholas especially, who has missed them during the year.

Personally, in between when the kids are around (because of the M rating), I’ve been obsessed with funny man Chris Lilley. Who isn’t, now, I guess?

For my birthday (last month), my brother Charlie gave me the DVDs of “We Could Be Heroes” & “Summer Heights High”. The ‘extras’ DVDs are hillarious and watching both series again has been fun too. I’ve also now bought the “Big Bite” DVD of Channel 7’s comedy shown in 2003, starring the talented Mr Lilley. (Andrew O’Keefe is pretty funny in these too.)

The character of Mr G cracks me up (and is only second to Jonah Takalua). Mr G is just so precious. I love seeing the earlier stuff of him on the Big Bite.

So if you have never heard of him (and have an open mind, as the character’s push the limits verbally and emotionally), do yourself a favour and check out this funny, funny man.

On a side-note, I remember Chris Lilley dressed as the MSN Butterfly for the Australian ads (a few years back). If anyone has a picture, I’d love a copy. 😉

In case I don’t make it back to my blog, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have a happy and safe one.
xx S.

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