Home Again, Home Again (Jiggity-Jig)

It’s nice to be home again, but boy…. I could have stayed at the beach for weeks! We went to Coolum Beach for a family holiday and my birthday. We stayed in a little resort that had everything we needed and was VERY close to everything.

I will post more about what we did when I have some pictures to show you.

The couple of weeks leading up to our holiday were a bit yuk, so the break was really needed. Most of my little family suffered a yukky tummy bug before we went away and I was sick for most of the holiday. No dinner out on my birthday! I was too sick to appreciate it!

Making the Anniversary book for my grandparents kept me pretty busy and stressed, but I was mostly upset by that awful blog that most of us have, by now, heard about. The blog has now gone and will hopefully not reappear AGAIN. Although I am ‘no-one’ in the scrapbooking world, I was hurt and offended by so many of the comments left there. I don’t even know why I read them. I guess I was waiting for someone to come in and fix them all up.

I have met so many wonderful people from scrapbooking. My best friend is my greatest example!! I have also met so very many of the ‘name’ scrapbookers being slandered in that blog and I was thoroughly stunned that people can say so many untrue things about such wonderful ladies and act as though their thoughts are fact.

So many wonderful Scrap Artists (who are mainly ‘no-ones’ or ‘little knowns’) have considered giving up the art over the rot. Please don’t. I love seeing all sorts of different work in the online galleries, blogs and magazines. Who cares what a minority think?

**Edited to add: I was also saddened to see that an Administrator of a well-read forum chose to vaguely speculate who the posters on ‘that’ blog were. This seemed to be aimed at people whom have nothing to do with the blog or bad-taste postings regarding online stores. What a shame for the innocent, now thought by some to be involved, all because of a vague speculation.**

As for me… I took a huge step away from scrapping over the past few weeks. I only completed obligation layouts and a couple of Scrap Survivor layouts. Do you want to know what I did for quiet entertainment while away on holidays (when we weren’t at the beach or pool)?? I coloured in!!! Yep. I bought the kids some activity sets and myself some nice pencils and a kid’s colouring in book and I coloured!!! Very theraputical – lol!!

I played a bit of Singstar too. What is a free few days without Singstar??

Congratulations if you are still reading this! Sorry for the long post/rant. I feel better now. I’ll be back later with photos and stories of our holiday.
xx S.

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