How Cute Is This??

Raaa!! So busy!! I am still trying to catch up with the HUGE workload I’ve got myself into. Why do we do this to ourselves?? lol – at least I’m finding lots of fun and exciting new things along my journey.

Check this out:

I’d LOVE to claim this as my own, but I can’t. It was taken by the very talented Kylie Banks. Isn’t it the most precious photo?? Now I’ve seen it, I am determined to have that cup…. no, not for a prop…. for my morning coffee!! It sure beats the 500ml coffee cup I just bought from Ikea!!
I’m working on fixing my website at the moment, but in the meantime, have started my official Sassi Photography blog. I will try to keep it updated with some of the shoots I have been doing (if I’m granted permission by my clients). There are ‘Labels’ listed on the right hand side, to clarify what kind of shoot/photos are in each post.
Catch you on the flip side!
xx S.

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