I Love My City

I love living in Brisbane and really love our iconic Story Bridge.

I’ve been trying to find time to get up on the bridge (just pedestrian level, not climbing – as they won’t allow you to have a camera) for a while now and last weekend succeeded.
I took dozens of photos, but am only happy with a handful. After dragging my full kit plus tripod along the Story Bridge, I found it was too bumpy and unstable to bother with the tripod. I’ve been on the bridge on a motorbike, stopped in traffic, before, so I knew the bridge moved a bit…. I just forgot.
I met a few really nice people up there too. Most memorable was Anne and her boyfriend – I offered to take their photo and really stuffed it up – and Petey – who was so incredibly drunk that I doubt he remembers me taking a couple of photographs of him.

There are a couple more on my Sassi Photography blog.

I’ve been noticing the counter on my blog steadily rising. It only ticks over with unique visits per day, not every time the screen is refreshed, so I am pretty astounded that I am coming up to the 1000 visitors mark. If you are the lucky 1000th visitor, make sure you let me know!

I LOVE hearing from anyone who reads this blog, too. I do get a few personal comments via email, but am happy to have comments on here too. Make sure you say, “Hi!” if you drop by!!

xx S.

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