Iluka and Back

Ever been to Iluka, NSW? I hadn’t until this week. I’m completely enchanted by this little part of the world. Just gorgeous. The long drive (2hrs from Coolangatta, where we started) didn’t even worry me. I actually let John drive and I took photos the whole way down. There are some really cool bridges, signs and little sights to see on the way.

The kids missed most of it…

Once there, we looked at some houses, had lunch, visited the beaches, then turned around and came home. A LONG way for a short time, but we’ll be back. We want to stay in the house we bought before we rent it out. 😀

I’m looking forward to spending hours by the sea taking more photos. In the time I was there, I saw a pod of dolphins feeding and a gorgeous sea eagle hunting for fish. I took some photos of it hunting, but it didn’t catch anything unfortunately.

Poor little Christopher was very ill and befriended a bucket for the journey home. We did sit in Emergency for four or five hours on Thursday, but he’s all better today. I am watching him very closely, as he’s having his tonsils and adnoids removed on Friday. He needs to be well for that.

I’ve been speaking to someone about some pretty exciting opportunities I have coming up. I’m hoping to be able to work them into my schedule, as it all sounds fantastic!!

More on that later. Thanks for dropping by. 😉
xx S.

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