I’m Having So Much Trouble….

….keeping up with blogs at the moment. I’ve barely even sat at my computer over the past week.

All three of my children have the flu – high temps, aches, barking cough, etc… poor little munchkins. The boys are on the mend, but Mia is still fighting it. She’s off school for the week to try to help her get better.

I’ll blog more soon (I hope). Just leaving you with a quick layout about John. It’s so nice being married and waking up every morning feeling more in love with John than before I went to sleep the night before. Soppy, I know, but I am very, very lucky!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Oh, and a special HI to Jen in Ireland. I have three or four different Jen’s who comment on my blog. I am not sure if any of them are from you. Glad to hear you are well and busy with exciting things!! 😉
xx S.

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