I’m SO Excited….

….as, for my birthday, I was given a NEW camera!!!! More on this in a minute.

What a lovely morning. I slept in ’til 6.30am ~ which is how long the kids lasted in their excitement before they started running up and down the hall outside my room, trying to ‘not wake me up’. They had already made a chocolate mud cake with John and were keen to give me some gifts and have cake for breakfast!! lol

….and we did!! I can’t believe it…. we actually had chocolate cake for breakfast. John had a little more than the rest of us, as it was covered with icing sugar that ‘exploded’ everywhere (mostly all over him) when I blew out the candles. Tee hee ~ well, he did dare me to blow as hard as I could!!

We decided on no presents this year, as I have recently spent a LOT of money on gorgeous new lenses for my Canon DSLR. The boys gave me some bath products to enjoy. John surprised me with a new tennis racquet, which I have wanted for ages.

My BIGGEST surprise came next…..

….my NEW camera!! Made by Amelia, because “I know you love cameras and photographs, Mummy”. How cute is she? This is my favourite gift this year. (It’s the left-hander’s version, even though I am right-handed ~ tee hee.)

I still have heaps of photos and events to update on my blog. Hopefully I’ll get a chance today!
xx S.

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