Layouts, as Promised!

Wow, three posts in one night! I’m just trying to catch up, I guess.

Alicia and I are still in the Scrap Survivor competition. Well, at the moment, anyway. Who knows what will happen during voting tomorrow. There are now only eight players left. It got down to six, but two voted-out players were voted back in. What a twist, huh? I’ve been increasingly getting more nervous and am sure, every week, that I will be next to go.

So here are my layouts this week. The challenge was to be inspired by an advert. The layout of the ad was fab, so it wasn’t too hard. This is the chocolate mud cake John bought me for my birthday – YUMMO!! (Note the computer journaling. I haven’t computer journalled for so long – it was SO hard! Give me hand-writing any day!! The layout gave me four printer jams!!!)

The immunity was to create a layout using the word “thankful” and at least two photos, three rub ons and one ribbon.

I don’t think I shared last week’s layouts yet, either….

The challenge was to use a sketch (blah for me), which had five photos (blah again), using the word (or derivitive of) “Survive”. I am hopeless at sketches and multi photos, so was surprisingly happy with the outcome. (lol – I shouldn’t post my short-fallings here in case Jess is lurking…. she might throw a REAL curly challenge for me – lol.)

Immunity was to scraplift a layout from the store’s DT.

So, just to make it an uneven five layouts, I’m adding in the one I did today, just for the fun of it. I don’t do many layouts anymore, that aren’t for DT or comps, so I had fun with this.

Thanks for looking. Thanks also, to the lurkers of my blog. I am slowly finding out who some of you are (I was told about three more over the weekend) and I’m happy to have you here.

Have a great week.
xx S.

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