Little George

Amelia has a new pet…  and this one has managed to stay alive for a week now!  Amelia loves finding beetles and bugs and putting them in little containers, but when John found her ‘Little George’, I decided to step in and help her keep him alive.

‘Little George’ is the cutest, tiniest snail I’ve ever seen.  His whole body can fit on one fingernail…

He makes this flower look GIANT.  He has also taken a ‘stroll’ on a piece of My Mind’s Eye paper.  If you know this paper, then you know how tiny the dots are on it…

So, Amelia, you wanted to see Little George famous, so here he is on the net!

I hope this little guy doesn’t have family and friends getting ready to eat up my garden!  I might not find him so cute anymore if I find a stack of them.

Two more weeks until school holidays!  Yay!!
xx S.

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