Meeting the Fabulous Miss Julie

Wowee (to coin her catch phrase), what a fun morning….. the Fabulous Julie Love is in town and I was fortunate enough to catch up with her and a bunch of other amazing scrap godesses this morning. We had a poke around Scrapbooking Emporium, then sat about a cafe for a while talking about all things scrapping (and other stuff, too).

Julie is just as lovely as she appears to be from her blog and I loved catching up with Roz, Carol-lea, Sandra, Rachelle and Andrea, too. We are always up for a photo session, so here are a few from the day.

I have to add that Jamieson, Christopher and Nick were generally pretty good, too. Actually, J & C were very good…. Nick had a bit of a run and scream (where did that come from??? It was actually more like a roar!), but he was very tired and did really well up until then.

So we have lots of lovely photos to scrap, but I have to admit, this is my favourite photo of all. Okay, I’ve played with it a bit to get that ‘dreamy’ look, but it is a bit more flattering this way.

Without her knowing it, I owe a fair bit of my scrapping to Rozzie. It’s not just that when I was looking through her album today I could pick the many layouts I’ve scraplifted (lol)…. it’s that the kind of layouts I love to do (but don’t always share on here) mostly seem to be similar (in element or design) to some of hers and it is because of this that I have felt more confident to do the layouts I like doing rather than change to a style that isn’t me.

**Thanks Roz.**

I also have to add that I missed Alicia today. My right arm in scrapping and I was with all these lovely people and didn’t have you to share it with. There’ll be another time, though, Miss NY!!

xx S.

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