Missing Alicia All Over Again

Earlier this week, the unthinkable happened with Scrap Survivor. Alicia was voted out!! I’m so sad that we aren’t in this together any more.

On the positive side, we both made it to the TOP SIX together (from 34 contestants), we had an absolute ball travelling through the challenges and Alicia is now on the jury.

The voting took a HUGE swing this week, from voting for the layouts to voting strategically to stay in the game. Alicia (and Carla, the other girl voted out) only received votes because they were very fierce competition! It was a three way tie, including me, for a while and voting took a day longer than usual because of the tie. The only person not sweating it, I imagine, was Erica who had immunity. lol

Another week is here and another challenge has been issued. I have to get my thinking cap on!! I’ll be VERY surprised to make it through this last week of voting.

xx S.

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