Our Chookens

I have been asked a number of times recently about our little chicks that Amelia, Christopher and Nick were raising, and whether we still have them. (photo from Sept 07)

Yes, we do. Suprisingly enough, they are still really lovely, too. Amelia is especially good with them and even carries them around the yard, cuddling them. I’m waiting for a chicken to appear wearing a doll’s dress. Tee hee.

The black one is still called “Chickee” and is Amelia’s girl. They have a little bond and Chickee lets Amelia dote over her the most. She lays small dark brown eggs.

The red is “Mater”. She is Nick’s but he doesn’t have much to do with her. Like most of the reds we’ve owned, she is a bit bossy. She lays large light brown eggs.

Christopher’s hen is “Sally”, but also goes by another name which I can’t remember at the moment. She lays large white eggs.

Christopher will have a cuddle with the chicken if Amelia catches one for him and helps him take her. He likes them, but is a little uncertain. Recently, we offered Christopher an egg for breakfast. Just as he said yes, John said, “Our chickens laid it.” Christopher immediately cried out, “No! YUK!! I’m not eating an egg from our chicken!! I’ll have one of the other eggs, please.” John asked, “Where to you think the other eggs come from?” “The shops,” came the reply. *smurks*

We still also have both budgies, too. They now live outside in their cage and aren’t very friendly. I love hearing them sing, though.

More posts coming soon!
xx S.

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