Partying with SM & Canon

What a fun night! Last night was the Scrapbooking Memories & Canon Pixma Party in Sydney. Everyone seemed to have a lovely time – I know I did!!

I don’t have photos to share yet, but hope to get some off the Pixma people in the coming week.

Thank you to Kristy (SM) & Kevin (Canon) for your support and sometimes seemingly-constant contact leading up to the event. Thanks to all the ladies (and the couple of gents) who attended.

The moment that struck me the most during the evening, and one I really want to share, is when I finally had a chance to sit down and say hi to Melissa Frances. She excused herself for having big, warm tears in her eyes… then explained why… Melissa had been speaking to the lovely Tamara Rodgers, who had just told Melissa that she was cutting all her beautiful, long hair off in aid of Breast Cancer research. Melissa was really touched. She said to me that she had to lose her hair with Chemo – she had no choice. Tamara’s gesture (for want of a better word) is just so special. You can read about her reasons on her blog. While you are there, check out her links to donate!

I’ll be back with some photos. 🙂
xx S.

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