Personal Happenings

This is a bit of a personal post for my friends who have been concerned, but if I wasn’t okay with the results I wouldn’t post them here. I’m not after sympathy by any means.

Okay. The pregnancy thing? Well, yes, I was pregnant. See? Women know their bodies better than little test kits. Unfortunately, what I mistook for a strange very late heavy period was actually a very early miscarriage. We are a little sad, but these things happen for a reason and we’ll just have to wait to see what the future brings us.

I’m okay. Still not really well, but not overly sick. I’ve just been told to take it easy and John has been fantastic with helping the kids and I out (as usual). It has been a couple of highly emotional weeks with huge highs and lows.

So, in the spirit of a mum of three kids who has been told to take it easy, I’m off to do my second load of washing today, then mop the floors, tidy the bedrooms, clean the kitchen (again), then, if luck turns my way, I’ll have a few minutes to play with my DT kit from Scrapapple this afternoon!!

Take care.
xx S.

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