Phew…. Still Catching up…

…from the “Great Hard Drive Crash of ’06”!!

I am so stoked to be able to announce that I have finally, after nearly a month, rebuilt my accounts so they are up to date~!! It didn’t seem that huge when I was doing my accounts daily, but six months of accounts is MASSIVE to have to do all at once!

My next step is to do a stocktake or have a Sell-Out sale. I think I prefer the sale option… too much fun! I will still have to count at the end, but not as much. I’m not sure how to go about it. I could have a local sale (like a garage sale) with local advertising, or I could have an online sale, which is a LOT of work. Even more work, because I don’t have all my picture files anymore. The lovely Cass sent me a disc with lots of pic files on, but there are still a lot I need. 🙁

Maybe I could have mystery bags/boxes with $80 of goodies for $50… mmm…. will have to think about it.

Anyway, the good news is that I’m getting back on track.

Here is my latest layout, too. I love this one and had lots of fun doing it. The best part was when Alicia’s MM ribbon glue exPLOded out of the tube and fell in a glob on the top of the photo!!! Um… yeah…. sorry about your glue, Leish!

The photo was taken by Ang O’Neale at the start of the year. Amelia insisted on the Heidi Swapp Flower Jewels on the clip (on the photo). She is really starting to want to have a say on the layouts I do with her in. I am loving her attention.

Congrats to all the gals who won the excellent raffles Ngaire held for NBCF. Over $7000 raised!! Good on all of you who donated prizes or money. Congrats to Margie who won a layout by me (sorry it wasn’t someone more exciting) and to Moira Byrne Garton who won the Heidi Swapp goodie pack from me. As soon as I hear from you both, I’ll get your prizes underway!

xx S.

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