Prayers for Caitlin || Brisbane Birth Photographer

Meet Caitlin.  I photographed the first few hours of Caitlin’s precious life for Carolyn and Jarad.  Caitlin has an extremely rare kidney condition that could have seen not survive her first day of life.  Her images are through my work for the ACOCP.

Having five of my own babies, most would think that I was used to babies being born.  I thought so too.  Nothing prepared me for the absolute miracle of seeing Caitlin born by C-section on Thursday morning.  I cried along with the new parents.  It was amazing.

Thank you to Carolyn & Jarad for allowing me to share such an enormous event!  I loved meeting your daughter.  Thanks also to Amanda Cowan, who is, as always, my rock for ACOCP shoots…  before, during and after.

Keep fighting, baby Caitlin.
xx S.

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