Still Talking About Christmas?

I have been a bad blogger…. bad, bad blogger!! So much goes on and I have been so slack in keeping my blog up to date. Well, today’s the day. I am going to inundate you with boring posts of my little life….

Christmas (lol – yes, that date that was nearly TWO months ago, can you believe it??) was great. Lots of family and lots of kids running around. Thank goodness this year was a little more mild.

I have probably blogged a bit about my Christmas, but just wanted to share some photos. My Mum and Dad are SO hard to get a decent, fun photo of, especially together. I don’t even think many photos exist of me with my parents, so on Christmas day, I “thelma’ed” these…

Well, we think we are funny!! …and what would a post about Christmas be without showing some of our warm Christmas magic around the tree….

xx S.

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