Sydney for the Day

I flew to Sydney on Saturday just gone, for one busy and very fun day. The clouds flying in, then back home again were awesome. Photographing them through double layers of window, with the sun shining at me was a challenge, but I ended up with some fun shots. Here are a couple of ‘Cloudscapes’ at just after 6am from Brisbane:

I met a lady on the plane named Lisa (hope I’ve spelt the name correctly). Lisa is planning her wedding and we had a chat about wedding photographers and people in general. Best of luck, Lisa, if you read this!

The skies were grey, landing in Sydney, and there was basic cloud cover over entire city. Storms predicted, I was looking forward to playing the day ‘by ear’ and hoping we didn’t get dumped on.

My gorgeous cousin Allyson picked me up at the airport and off we went to look at bridesmaids dresses. Ally’s getting married in September.

With the shop not open yet, we headed to Gloria Jean’s for a drink. We didn’t eat any of these yummy treats… I just wanted to photograph them. 😉

I tried a beautiful dress on, then we headed to Shellharbour to meet the other bridesmaid. I saw Allyson’s wedding dress and we decided on the bridesmaid dresses…. you’ll have to wait until September to see them!! Here are some fluffy dresses at the boutique.

Back to Sydney after a beautiful lunch with my family. I wish I had have photographed the seafood pizza I had for lunch… it was scrumptious!!

We met up with Ally’s fiance and son and headed off to the Harbour, so I could play with my Lensbaby. I took stacks of photos with it, but haven’t had time to play with them yet. I’ll bring those to the blog in a couple of days. 😉
On the opposite side of the Harbour to Circular Quay (where the Opera House is), is one of my favourite places in Sydney ~ Luna Park.

The texture of the tiles on the Opera House is interesing and you can see that the clouds disappeared for a while for me.

One of three Rollers dressed up for a wedding (drove past).

…and finally two more ‘Cloudscapes’ on the way home, just after 8pm. The sunset was amazing above the first set of clouds. None of my photos do it any justice.

The only question I have left after this amazing day is, why doesn’t the Airtrain run at 8.30pm on a Saturday night?? The taxi fair home cost me almost as much as the plane fair from Sydney!!!

xx S.

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