The Next Phase

I’m so excited!  …James slept through for the first time last night!  He is ten weeks, so not as early as all his siblings, but he’s there nonetheless.  This is my favourite age – between two and four months – babies are so gorgeous!

Wow, ten weeks!  Haven’t they gone extremely quickly?!  A whole school term is nearly up and all the kids can talk about is Easter and having holidays.  Easter is this week!!  Lucky the Easter Bunny is delivering today (via – thank you modern world!!).  I just have to find a new hiding spot, as renovating has taken all my best hidey-holes.

The thing I’m finding most beautiful is, although Amelia and Christopher are excited about the Bunny’s visit on the weekend, they are actually mostly talking about the reason for Easter, the religious side and new life.  It’s refreshing and they are telling Nicholas about it too.  Sweet.

I took James outside to try for a few more photos.  I think I’m getting a little motivation back.  It’s harder photographing babies, for me, without a helper – ie. the Mum!  Being the Mum and the photographer at once isn’t as easy.  I feel I photograph other people’s babies better than my own…  but I might just be super critical at the moment.  😉

I love this stripey little outfit, although I was calling him ‘Jail-Break Jim’ all day yesterday!

Another week starting, so I’d better jump the shower and get the kidlets ready for school.  The boys aren’t up yet, so it is still quite peaceful here.  I’m going to take advantage!!  Have a great week!!
xx S.

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