Tripping Down Memory Lane

I’m going to share some older photos today. I was having a look for a particular photo on my computer yesterday and came across a few photos I had forgotten about, but really like. They aren’t the best photos, technically, by any shot, but they have a bit of meaning for me.

This first photo was taken during my last week of school (ever) on a day trip to Noosa. The thing I love about this photo is that after nearly fourteen years, three of my closest friends today are in it. One of the girls has moved on, with her high opinion, but the rest of us are still the same girls in the photo. From the left, there is Alice, Vonn, Kat, that other girl and Sara.

When I was younger, skinnier and less reserved, I spent about four years in a small theatre group. We had lots of fun performing various shows and reviews, my favourite being Chicago. This would have to be my favourite photo from those years – backstage on tour before we all went on to perform “Age of Aquarius” (from Hair, the musical). Obviously there were another fortyish (?) cast members, but I was sitting on the stairs chatting with one of the boys when I was suddenly surrounded by those whom you see here…. and someone clicked the photo. (Look how skinny I look! I can’t believe I thought I was fat! ….and how high is that split?)

The other thing about this photo is the boys in it. One of them was persuing me – we ended up dating for nearly two years – one had a crush on me, I had a crush on another and two were just really good friends. I’m not saying who’s who, though!

How’s that for a bit of a laugh?

xx S.

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