TWO Photo Walls!!

John and I are renovating MAJORLY at the moment! We are also living in the house with the kids while we do the renos. If you have never done this before, I can’t begin to explain just how interesting large renovations are with three littlies and a pregnant lady in tow!!

Upstairs is now just going to be bedrooms and we are moving our loungeroom, dining room and kitchen downstairs, into a space that was, until recently, just an open garage. We had to excavate to make it legal height. I haven’t had front stairs or even a front door for a couple of months now. We exit through the garage. It has been very quiet, though, as the normal door-knockers can’t find a door to knock on!!

Our new entrance will soon be downstairs on ground level (instead of up the front stairs onto a deck).

As much as I’m excited about the renovations overall, I am really happy that I am finally getting my photo wall!! I’ve been planning a photo wall for ten years and I’m now going to have not one, but TWO walls to myself!! The first wall, in the entrance, will possibly be shared with a five foot fish tank (I sold mine when I married and now look forward to setting up a new one). It will be lots of smaller photographs of various people – friends and family.

The second wall will be my main feature. Twelve 50cm x 50cm photo prints of the family on the wall, in a four by three arrangement. Each photo will be processed with the TtV look, as mentioned in my last post. I already have six printed and they look GREAT! I will, of course, have to decide on some next year, as I don’t want our new little baby to miss out on being involved in the display.

These are the first eight images:

This last one is me – printed 50x50cm!! It’s huge and feels a little weird to look at. I think it’ll go towards the bottom, so the furniture is partially in front of it… haha. I need to find a photo of John that he likes to do the same to. He hasn’t liked any of the ones I like so far.

I’ll take a photo of the entire wall when it is completed. I’m sure I’ll have heaps of renovation photos to share over the coming month or two also.

Take care!
xx S.

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