Two Weeks to Go!

I’m counting down the days until John is home from work with me.  He now only has Monday to go, then we have a lovely FIVE weeks off together.  The kids are due back at school in under two weeks, with Nick starting Pre-Prep.  All the school books are covered and packed into the school bags (and hidden at the top of the tallest wardrobe in the house to stop the kids going through them all)! 

Bubs is due also in just under two weeks.

Renovations have completely halted over the past two weeks with John back at work, so I am pretty keen to get stuck back into them and finally have a finished kitchen.  I think I mainly just want to get everything packed back into the kitchen, rather than have bits and pieces stashed all over the house!!

I can’t believe I haven’t pulled my camera out at all this year!  So unlike me!!  I’m pretty sure that as soon as Baby is born, I’ll be getting John to drag my equipment up to the hospital to get those first few days recorded.  I’ll have my Point & Shoot with me, but it just isn’t the same.

So I have no photos to share, sorry.  I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking (as is Baby – lol).  Take care.
xx S.

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