Wow, Wow, Wow!!

Okay, I had a ball entering my layouts in the RNA, but I certainly didn’t expect to do as well as I did.
Class – Single Layout Children
First place
Third place
Class – Double Layout Holiday/Trip
First place
Second place
Class – Double Layout Weddings
First place
Third place
ALSO, the Encouragement Award. Not sure what that means, but it is encouraging. 😉
I am stoked that I have finally been placed in the photography too!! This is so much more important to be than the scrapbooking. I have been entering the photography a lot longer and will probably keep entering it for many years to come.

Restricted Colour Print
Fourth Place Highly Commended

Unrestricted Digitally Altered Print
Fourth Place Highly Commended
I had already posted that my knitted puppy won first place also. 🙂 Very, very happy. 🙂 (He is below in another post, as are most of the scrapbooking entries.)
Thanks for checking in on me and leaving lovely comments. 🙂
xx S.

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