Yeah, Okay…. I’m Tall.

So much for trying to blog a bit each day! It’s been nearly a week since I shared anything with you. I have bearly scrapped in that time, but I was lucky enough to drop in to ISC (Inspiration Scrapbook Convention – for my non-scrappy friends) last Sunday morning.

Alicia and I took a class with Alannah Jurgensmeyer, the owner and creator of Artic Frog. Artic Frog has a variety of bright papers, stickers, ribbons and rub ons. The class was a 5″x5″ mini album about Christopher. The papers are something I wouldn’t normally have chosen, but I was really happy with the finished product. (I haven’t photographed it yet.)

Leish and I also managed to catch up with numerous friends and acquaintances, including the lovely Kerrin, who was a key person in organising the entire event. From our short visit, plus the great things others have said, I’d say it was a major success – well done K!!

I also caught up with Cheryl (from one of my suppliers – Aussie Scrap Source) and Marni T. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that, yes, I’m tall….. but I think that, on a whole, I am finding that most scrapbookers tend to be non-tall!! I was stoked, standing next to Kerrin for the middle photo, to find that we are basically the same height. K mentioned that I’m tall, so I guess she’s noticed the general scrapbooker’s height thing too!

(Note to the people who have recently said I am photogenic: These photos are proof that, unless I control the situation, I some how end up with the most ridiculous “photo-grin” ever seen!!)

xx S.

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