A Little Confession

Tee hee….. a lot of people who read (or at least comment on) my blog seem to also read my very good friend Alicia’s blog. I have a little confession to make regarding her latest post.

I had Alicia’s password and was fixing something up for her, so, with my off sense of humour, I made a post from her saying how wonderful I am. Alicia doesn’t really think I’m all that great – lol. The spelling part was just a bit of fun, as I recently created a layout with the word ‘steal’ in the title, but in my tiredness (or whatever) I spelt it ‘steel’.

So there you have it.

…and for the record, what I said jokingly about me, is how I feel about Alicia. I think she is a truly special and wonderful friend who I’ll be very sad to see move to New York, NY any time soon.

Confession made.
xx S.

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