Dinner Date

I’ve just had a fantastic night. My wonderful friend Vonn visited for dinner tonight. John was out at a meeting, which was a shame, but it was really nice having a catch up with Vonn.

We had yummy yummy Thai followed by Cold Rock ice cream YUM! I also had some Coke!!! I enjoyed it so much…. my first Coke since last year! I’ve done pretty well, really. I only gave up until Easter, but after Easter figured I didn’t really need it, so didn’t buy it. It had been six months, one week, five days, eighteen hours & thirty minutes – LOL!!! (Yes, I missed it!!) Now I get to finish the bottle (tee hee) as I don’t allow my children to drink Coke and it gives John a migraine!! (There is only a little left anyway.)

Vonn is the sweetest person and I love that we have remained friends for so very many years. It is odd thinking I’m old enough to have been friends with someone for around 20 years! She is really special and OMG she can SING like an ANGEL!!

Another lovely friend I was lucky enough to see today, for the third day in a row is the beautiful Jenny, who is up from Sydney. Jenny is an amazing person who, I think, has a lot of love and patience. My children just love her and I love her too. Hopefully we’ll get another chance to catch up with her and get some photos before Jenny goes home on the weekend. Kaye took a couple of photos today, which I haven’t seen yet.

I’m off to bed – too much excitement this week and I can hardly keep my little eyes open!
xx S.

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