Australasian Scrapbooking Convention

I’ve just arrived home from the Australasian Scrapbooking Convention that is on at the Convention Centre in Brisbane at the moment and it was so busy! I met up with Alicia and Kyan and bumped into heaps of girls we know there.

The Scrapapple stand was on fire! Really busy all the time – it was overwelming! I picked up a set of nine 5x5x5cm blocks to scrap for a bit of fun. I didn’t really buy anything else. Each stand had fairly new stock, but we had seen it all. I think Alicia and I are a bit spoilt in that way… we get to see all the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out.

I finally met Jannah from Scrapbook Creations. She’d sent an email of when and where I could catch up with her and it was so nice having a chat and actually meeting her. Had a look at the new Scrapbook Creations, which has Marni Telford as the Artist in Spotlight – looks great Marni! I don’t have anything in this issue, but I have at least one thing in the next six issues after this!

Jannah gave Alicia and I some passes for a class tomorrow afternoon. I’ve heard the class kits have been fantastic so far and am really looking forward to spending more time with Leish and having a scrap.

Have a great weekend!
xx S.

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