I just can’t seem to warm up! I am so cold today. Other than that, it has been a fairly productive day. I managed to get a lot of the house clean again after all the birthday madness. The phone has rung off the hook. I had a couple of visits from the lovely Alicia. I managed to pack nearly 30 orders!! Just didn’t get to the post office.

I really needed to send these orders today, but the kids also REALLY needed to have a sleep, so I wouldn’t wake them just for a trip to the PO. I’ll have to go first thing in the morning.

I am really happy. I mightn’t have had time to scrap, but I have managed to start knitting a little cable-knit jumper for Mia. I love knitting in Winter – especially when there is something great on TV at night. It’s my warm and cosy Winter activity. My scrap room is like an ice-box at night, so I am not overly keen on going down there.

Better get back to work. It doesn’t do itself (and my fairies haven’t been for a very long time!!).

xx S.

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