Burst Water Main

LOL, guess what is happening in my street? We have a burst water main. Guess where? In our driveway!! The grass between the two tyre tracks is swelling like a big boil! When we stand on it (if we are game – ie. not me!), it is like standing on a water bed. The council have been out and are sending a backhoe to dig our drive up with! Now I’m even more pleased that Chris & Nick’s bedroom is at the front of the house *insert sarcasm here*. I wonder if the noise will wake them up.

It has been an exciting night so far. We’ve had a chat with the neighbours on the footpath at 8pm, while the kids, already excited to still be out of bed, begged to walk down the street to see where all the water’s going. They’ve jumped in puddles, much to my disbelief, and managed to get very cold and wet. They’re now in bed and the boys are fast asleep.

Someone is having a party down the road and Amelia’s favourite song has come on (Catch My Disease – Ben Lee). Amelia must have supersonic hearing because she has just bound in here telling me her song is playing! So much for being asleep.

The trucks are arriving to destroy our drive, so I’d better go. John wants to try to save the pavers so he can put them back in. Have a great Saturday night!!

xx S.

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