What a late night last night!! The council came to fix the burst water main under our driveway. Three trucks, a ute and another truck with a backhoe on it filled our little cul-de-sac from 11pm. I have no idea what time they finished, as I went to bed at 12:30am, when they brought out the jackhammer to break the broken water pipe! I know the plumber was there around 3am fixing part of it.

They dug a 7′ x 4′ hole that was about 5′ deep. It kept filling with water, so we had our own little dirty brown swimming pool for a while there. Now it’s all fixed, except our driveway (which they come back and fix once it’s settled) and we look like we’ve been burying a body in our driveway in the middle of the night!!

The kids (and John) slept through the lot, while I watched from the front window, sitting on Christopher’s bed, or stood in the yard talking to my shift-working neighbour who was excited by all the fuss in the middle of the night. Would you believe I took no photos? I videoed a bit of the ‘digger’ to show Chris in the morning, but that was it.

At least it is fixed and I can (hopefully) get an early night.

xx S.

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