Busy Busy Busy

It’s unbelievable how extraordinarily busy we’ve all been lately. I just can’t get over how little I am getting accomplished, even though I am flat out all day long (and into the night)!

A while ago, Ang, Leish and I got together and had a little photo shoot. It was heaps of fun and today I thought I’d share a photo from that day. It is just me. Reason being, although I don’t particularly like photos of myself, this one is okay. I have also been chatting with my lovely cousin (who has been teasing me – lol) and thought I’d post a current pic for her, to entice her & her other half to actually leave a comment, instead of lurking! (Note the necklace, Miss Allyson!)

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I’ll be back with a few more interesting posts over the next few days!
xx S.

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