Ekka – Royal Brisbane Show

I love Ekka time! I love nearly everything about the Royal Show. There is so much to look at, to do, to experience. Now I have my littlies, I love sharing all these experiences with them. So last weekend, John and I took the kids to the Ekka.

We were only there from after lunch until the fireworks – I could have gone back another day to see all the stuff we missed. The kids were perfect most of the day ….and, boy, did they sleep well that night!

Here’s Nick with his very first Dagwood Dog….. or was it his second, which he took off Amelia? He LOVED all the food!

I had ten photographes in the photographic competition and three layouts in the scrapbooking competition. The standard of photographes was outstanding and made my shots look very amatuer, but that won’t stop me from entering each year! I received a second placing in the scrapbooking, which was nice.

It was fun taking the kids through the Fine Arts and seeing all the faces we knew in various layouts and photos. Here is Mia standing in front of her B&W photo – I love the contrast of her bright outfit against the photographes.

It cost $22 just to take the family on the ferris wheel!! It is the only ride we all go on and the view is excellent. From the top, we could see this most amazing, colourful slide. John took Mia and Chris on it. Unfortunately I only had my little camera and the pics didn’t turn out too well.

The day finished with the traditional rummage through the showbags while waiting for the fireworks. The fireworks were fantastic and Nicholas LOVED them. I wasn’t sure if he’d be scared or not, but he couldn’t stop laughing. Chris had the best spot up on Daddy’s shoulders. (Blogger won’t upload that pic for some reason. It’s very cute – you’ll just have to imagine it!!)

Happy Ekka Week – lol !!!
xx S.

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