Canon Pixma Ambassadorship

I’m excited to announce that I have been invited to be an Ambassador for Canon Australia’s Pixma division. This is the division hosting a fantastic Pixma Party with Scrapbooking Memories on 17 October 2008. See Scrapbooking Memories magazine for more information on how you can win tickets. It should be a fun night!

As part of my Ambassadorship, Canon have sent me some amazing goodies to play with, including a Canon Pixma MP970, a Canon PowerShot A720 IS Camera and lots of yummy peripherals, such as papers, transfers and inks. The Pixma (all-in-one printer) is fantastic in its ease to use and quality of print – I’m having a ball.

Check this out, though….

Canon are running a Pixma DIY Band Competition, giving away $50,000 in cash and prizes!! There are four parts to the competition, the first closing 22 September 2008 (this coming Monday). For part one, all you have to do is design a T-shirt for a kids’ band, print it on a transfer and iron onto a T-shirt. Take a photo of the lot and upload it to enter. The photo HAS to be of the shirt, not the design.

The best bit? There are not very many eligible entries thus far, so chances of winning this first section are very good!! In fact, I think there is only one eligible entry in the Gallery, excluding my example, as I’m not eligible to enter!

So what are you doing still here?? Go!! Create!!

I’m off to play with my printer. I’ve found an awesome site by Canon called Creative Park. I just wish I had more hours in the day to play!!
xx S.

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