My Beautiful Bride

This weekend saw me in Sydney, as Matron of Honour for my lovely friend and cousin, Allyson. We have now, together, thrown off our McKenna-shackles and become someone else’s wife (as Als was my bridesmaid in 2000, when I married John).

Congratulations to Paul and Allyson on the new beginning of their life together. I love you both.

As MoH, there isn’t much room to hide a 5kg DSLR camera in your gown, so I didn’t take many photos. Allyson’s cousin on the other side is the very talented Murray Harris. He took care of the little things for the day. I can’t wait to see his photos, as it is killing me to not have many of my own photos to play with!!!

I took a few as we were getting ready, including this one of my Aunty Kay putting Allyson’s necklace on…

…and Allyson ready and posing for Murray.

Haha… these are basically the only two photos of pregnant little me in my frock, just before the wedding ceremony. They are taken on my mobile phone, so I could send them to John. John stayed home in Brisbane with the kids, to attend his parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations.

This is the best of only a handful of photos of Paul and Allyson together. I have no idea what the guy in the background is doing, but it symbolises what I thought of most of the staff at the wedding/reception venue. I love Als’ expression in this photo. I wish I could remember what was happening at the time. Oh, and my Dad took this one. Thanks Dad.

The weekend was a lot of fun and the wedding was beautiful. Thank you again to Paul and Allyson for sharing your special day with me.
xx S.

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