Ekka Fun

I have to say I LOVE the Ekka ~ the Royal Queensland Exhibition. I never get to spend as much time there as I’d like to, but at least we were able to go this year.

We didn’t spend too long at the rides and again, they had the children’s rides mostly separated from Side Show Alley, which works really well.

The kids loved all the animals and, even though we didn’t go through the Animal Nursery (due to the line up), they managed to see plenty. The Animal Nursery was the best set up this year. We were able to walk all around the edge and look in, without actually walking through the animals.

Mia milked a cow. Chris was a bit overwhelmed, but did have a pat. All five of us went on the new ferris wheel. It’s very expensive and I think I prefer the older, more open ferris wheel. The new one is certainly very tall and has a great view from the top.

We arranged a ‘pass-out’ and came home mid afternoon for a sleep. Mia, Chris and I were then able to go back to the Ekka for the motorbikes and fireworks.
The motorbike stunts were a lot of fun. Mia and Chris were amazed by it all. Mia kept saying that she can imagine Daddy doing the same tricks. Back flips on a road bike? I don’t think so. Very cute she has so much confidence in Daddy, though.

I’ve always had trouble photographing fireworks, so am really happy with the shots I managed this time.

I haven’t edited any of these photos, so please excuse the basicness of them. 🙂

I am disappointed we didn’t get a chance to check out the horses, cows and general live stock pavilions. They are my favourite bits. I really miss when my friend Emma doesn’t come up with her horses. I love hanging out at the stables.

Mia was thrilled to ‘meet’ George the police horse. Over 17 hands tall!!! Oh my, and she wasn’t nervous at all!

I was hoping to get back to the Ekka yesterday, but Chris was home sick, so Nick and I had to stay home also.

Until next year….
xx S.

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