SO Overdue!!

So last week, I mentioned we were replacing the roof at an investment property. It was so long overdue and I’m really happy with the final effect. The house still needs LOTS of work to make it pretty. We will be doing it all over time.

Here are a few before, during and after shots. I had lots of fun photographing the rusty old roof they pulled down. No wonder it leaked inside when it rained!! Check it out!!

I haven’t spent any time on these photos and as you can see, the house needs the paintwork finished, a re-fence, a new letter box and a lot of garden work done. We have spent hours there pulling out tonnes of concrete from the yard. It was awful before… now I can see the potential.

This was my first experience with reroofing a home. The roofers are very impressive. They did a great job and were great when I dropped by to photograph the house. We went through Roof Masters, if you are looking for a roofer!

Thanks for dropping by.
xx S.

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