Emma’s Show Horses Championships 2013 || Australian Horse Photographer

Back to Hawksbury Showgrounds in Richmond, NSW for the 2013 ESH Championships hosted by the Emma’s Show Horses team.  I love coming here each year and photographing the gorgeous horses and their riders.

There was a time I was terrified of horses.  When I was a kid I was bitten very badly on the hip by a rouge horse.  It hurt.  I was scared of them for many years.  Emma has cured me of the fear – mainly by making me “Hold.  Hold this.  Hold that, ” whilst in a tiny stable at horse shows (namely the Royal Brisbane Show).  I fell in love with her beautiful horse Accolade and the rest, they say, is history.

My favourite part are all the behind-the-scenes photographs.

ESH PreparationsESH Day

More photos and details in the follow-up post HERE.

x S.

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