Faeries & Wizards

Aren’t they gorgeous??

Yesterday, we had Amelia & Christopher’s Faery & Wizard party, hosted by the fantastic Fairy Raine (featured previously on my blog). She is amazing. The kids were completely enthralled the whole time she was with them…. nearly two hours!

Fairy Raine had wings and skirts for the little faeries and capes and hats for the wizards, although lots of the girls came with their own. They played games, told stories, had a treasure hunt, their face painted and special little crowns made for them.

We held the party in a park near the school. There was a corner of the (HUGE) park that had some trees clumped together and a spot in the middle covered with leaves. It just looked like the sort of place where faeries would live. It was perfect.

All the kids were wonderful and a couple of the mums who stayed helped me out tremendously! (Thanks Angela & Monica!!)

Mia and Chris asked for a castle cake each, so I made them one and split it into two themes. Mia had the pink with butterflies and vines over it. Chris had the green with turrets, a spider’s web and a big spider.

The funniest part was with the blowing out of candles. I put six candles on the pink and five candles on the green and lit them all at once. I figured they would blow them both together, so it wouldn’t matter that they were so close. When the time came, Chris forgot to blow and Mia blew furiously. The funny part?? Mia only blew out all six of her candles and Chris’ five were left lit! What are the chances?? tee hee

Grrrr…. Nicholas Dragon eating some faery-bread. When we got home he couldn’t wait to look in the mirror. He looked, smiled then frowned.
“I want it OFF, please!”
“Why Nick?” I said, “Do you look funny?”
“No, not funny,” says Nick. “Nicky not funny, Nicky sad.”

lol – he’s so cute.
xx S.

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